Tyre, Selucid AE 20 Antiochus IV 175 - 164 BC

Obv: Head of Antiochus IV. Rev: Stern of ship with both Greek and Phoenician legends. Metal: Bronze 6.74 Grams, 20 mm diameter. Condition: abt VF.


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Antiochus IV

Antiochus IV, Seleucus IV brother, was held in Rome as a hostage. He was replaced by Seleucus's son Demetrios. On his return, Antiochus IV decided to stay in Athens where his generosity made him very popular and he was even elected as an Athenian magistrate. Upon Seleucus's death, Antiochus rushed home. There were two groups in Syria those supporting Antiochus (the brother) and those supporting young Demetrios (the son). Antiochus gained the support of Eumenes of Pergamum and Ariarathes of Cappadocia and with this aid he firmly took control. Antiochus adopted a policy to Hellenize the empire. The Phoenician gods became Greek gods and he held many games and festivals for the Greek Gods. He tried to replace Jehovah with Zeus in the Jewish temple, which provoked the successful rebellion under the leadership of Maccabees. Antiochus IV died mysteriously on an expedition to Persia in 164 BC. Jewish writers tell contradictory gruesome stories of his death as the result of the outraged Jehovah as a result of the sacrilege of the temple.