Tyre, Selucid AE 18 Demetrios I 162 - 150 BC

Obv: Head of Demetrios I. Rev: Prow of ship with both Greek and Phoenician legends. Metal: Bronze 3.9 Grams, 18 mm diameter. Condition: good VF.


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Demetrios I

Demetrios I, son of Selucus IV, had grown up in Rome as a hostage. With the help of Roman friends he escaped and took a Carthaginian boat to Tripolis where he was received by the Syrians. Meanwhile Timarchus, a satrap of Media, had proclaimed himself king. Demetrios advanced and was victorious over Timarchus. Demetrios was not a good statesman and arouse the fear and hostility of his neighbors. Soon Ariarathes V of Cappadocia, Attalus II of Pergamum and Ptolemy V of Egypt formed a coalition against him supporting the son of Antiochus IV (Alexander). Demetrios sent his two children Demetrios (II) and Antiochus (VII) into hiding and then faced the enemy, but lost due to superior numbers and defection of his own troops. He died fighting bravely in 150 BC.