Tyre Selucid Shekel Demetrios II first reign 146 - 140 BC

Obv: Head right. Rev: Eagle standing left on prow of ship, date and club in exerge. Dated 168 SE or 144 BC, during the first reign of Demetrios
. Metal: Silver 13.84 grams, 28 mm diameter. Condition: EF, nice high relief portrait with an unusually high relief reverse. Some scattered uneven toning with obverse die break. Some scattered roughness.

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History of Demetrios II First Reign

After defeating the unpopular Alexander I Balas, Demetrios II undertook huge exactions and reprisals against the supporters of Alexander, which made him unpopular. A violent insurrection took place in Antioch and thousands of people perished and a large part of the city was reduced to ashes. Diodotus Tryphon proclaimed the son of Alexander (Antiochus VI) king and drove Demetrios out of Antioch to Phoenicia. In the meantime Mithradates I of Parthia overran Media, Persis, and Elymais.and was evading Babylon. Demetrios hastened to the east and was at first successful, but eventually fell into an ambush and was captured.