Tyre Selucid Shekel Demetrios II 2nd reign 129 -125 BC

Obv: Head right. Rev: Eagle standing left on prow of ship, date and club in exerge. Dated 184 SE or 129/128 BC, during the second reign of Demetrios
. Metal: Silver 13.25 grams, 28 mm diameter. Condition: VF very dark toning

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History of Demetrios II Second Reign

The Parthian king Phraates II at war with Antiochus VII released Demetrios II from captivity in order that he might lead a revolt against Antiochus VII. Antiochus' forces were defeated and Antiochus VII died. The Parthians took everything as far as the Euphrates. Meanwhile Demetrios II had safely reached Antioch. In 129 BC, Demetrios planned an attack against Egypt and had progressed as far as Pelusium when a revolt broke out at Antioch led by Alexander's son (Alexander II Zebina) Demetrios returned to fight the uprising, but was completely routed at a battle near Damascus. He tried to flee to Egypt where his former wife Cleopatra Thea lived, but they refused him. He then fled to Tyre where he was captured and executed.