Thasos (Island off Thace) Trihemiobol 411 - 350 BC 

Obv: Naked Satyr carrying kantharos running left. Rev: Amphora. Metal: Silver 0.8 grams, 11 mm diameter. Condition: VF.

History of Thasos

Thasos, an island off of Thace, had rich gold mines and interest in many gold and silver mines on the mainland. Thasos was part of the "Delian League" controlled by Athens. In 465 BC, Thasos rebelled against Athens over a dispute over the ownership of a gold mine on the mainland. Thasos appealed to the Spartans for help, but Sparta was busy with a serf uprising. In 463 BC, Athens defeated Thasos' fleet, confiscated all of Thasos' ships and destroyed the walls of the city.