Thasos (Island off Thace) Tetradrachm after 146 BC 

Obv: Wreathed head of Dionysos right. Rev: Herakles standing left. Metal: Silver 16.04 grams, 37 mm diameter. Condition: abt VF.

History of Thasos

Thasos, an island off of Thace, had rich gold mines and interest in many gold and silver mines on the mainland. Beginning in the 4th century BC, coins of Thasos change from depicting an aggresive Satyr to depicting the patron gods of the city Dionysos and Herakles. Dionysos represents wine and the citizens of Thasos were very proud of their wines. Thasos fell to Philip II of Macendon and closed its mints (about 350 BC) when all mints were ordered closed by Philip II. After the Romans freed Greece from Macedonian rule in 196 BC, Thasos again issued coins.