Apollonia Pontika
Drachm Late 5th - 4th BC century

Obv: Anchor; crayfish and A under each fluke

Rev: Facing gorgoneion

. Metal: Silver 3.41 grams, 15 mm diameter. Condition: Good VF, very minor porosity, well centered

History of Apollonia Pontika

Currently the village of Sozopl (salvation) in Bulgaria. The city was founded in 610 BC by the Milesians on a rocky peninsula. It is assumed that the original settlement was on the nearby island of Kirik, but remains of buildings from the 6th century BC have been found on the Sozopal peninsula. The city boasted a fine temple with a 30 foot high -13 ton bronze statue of Apollo by the sculptor Kalamis. The city was sacked by the Romans (Marcus Lucullus) in 72 BC and the statue taken to Rome, however the statue was lost in antiquity. The city was renamed Sozopl in the 4th century AD. 

Forgeries, the Black Sea 'Hoard', the 1999 bad-drachm 'hoard'
The Black Sea Hoard was thousands of modern fakes of Apollonia Pontika and Mesembria diobols and one really should not buy Apollonia or Mesembria coins unless they know what they are doing."